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Climate LIFEstyle Check

A tool to determine individual carbon footprints based on everyday behaviour

Forscher skizziert Kolleginnen und Kollegen den Climate LIFEstyle Check auf Flipchart

Give your employees access to an attractive tool that shows how their lifestyle influences greenhouse gas emissions and highlights options for improvements.


The free test version is a research-based carbon footprint calculator for private individuals. It analyses their personal activities by means of a life cycle assessment (emissions generated by the provision, use and disposal of products and services).


The Branding version features your company’s corporate design.


The Analytic version also stores anonymised data on your employees, which our experts use to gain insights into your company’s climate strategy. Customer applications include:

  • Employee mobility (business trips, commutes)
  • Company energy consumption (HVAC, IT, lighting)
  • Day-to-day company life (food/canteen, waste disposal)
  • Scenarios (technology, behaviour, acceptance)
  • Implementation support and monitoring



Check your personal carbon footprint!

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