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Research infrastructure  

Infrastructure for functional printing

Printing technologies for the development of customised 2D, 2.5D and 3D printing processes


Our infrastructure

  • Inkjet printers
    Three modern inkjet printers are available, a Dimatix DMP 2800 and two PIXDRO LP50 print platforms, which enable the use of the most important industrial print head types.


  • Optomec aerosol jet printers
    Our aerosol jet printing process is a non-contact direct structuring process with high resolution (up to 10µm) and also enables the use of non-planar substrates and the creation of 2.5D structures.


  • ESJET printer
    Electrostatic Jet Printing technology is used to apply functional inks in a viscosity range and droplet volume that is currently not available for conventional piezo-based inkjet technologies.


  • Solenoid valve printers
    Compared to inkjet printing, this technology allows the application of larger drop volumes and working in a wider viscosity range with a larger minimum line width and lower possible printing frequency.


  • Flexographic printing laboratory unit
    Highly viscous inks or pastes are applied to the ink application roller via a doctor blade, which then wets the prefabricated cliché with the structures to be transferred. In the roller-based process, the ink is then transferred from the cliché to the substrate to be printed. 


  • Thieme precision screen printing machine
    In screen printing, a highly viscous ink or paste is applied to the substrate via a pre-structured screen (stencil) using a doctor blade. Parameters such as squeegee speed, mesh fineness and mesh size of the screen determine the printing result.


  • Microarray-Spotter
    The system enables simple, cost-effective production with high throughput and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of biochips for diagnostic applications.


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