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Evaluation of institutions

Tailored evaluation of organizations - from research institutions to universities and technology funding agencies

The core idea of institutional evaluation is to serve as a joint learning task and an opportunity for independent reflection.


We evaluate:
  • Research institutions
  • Higher education institutions
  • Funding and transfer institutions


What is the main focus?

  • Relevance and strategic alignment assessment
  • Target achievement and how the institution fits into the wider innovation ecosystem
  • Economic efficiency: financial framework conditions and economic viability


We build on:

  • a profound understanding of the specific content-related environment in which an organization operates,
  • a professional view of the structural, personnel and financial framework conditions (including performance and financing agreements),
  • the strong commitment of the mandating institutions or owners.


How do we proceed?

  • In close cooperation with the client, we develop a detailed evaluation concept
  • Reflection on current targets and challenges, control mechanisms
  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders


The result is a verified finding that not only highlights the strengths and potential for improvement, but also serves as a crucial basis for subsequent agreements regarding the existence, possible services and financing requirements between the facility and its owners or financiers.

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