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Process support and programming

We provide advice and support in the alignment, preparation and formulation of targeted programmes

The issue

  • Policy support begins with problem identification, orientation and design and ends with the successful implementation of a measure.
  • Policy support promotes the alignment, prioritization and ongoing adaptation of measures.
  • Policy support requires comprehensive knowledge of the political landscape and the policy mix.


Key aspects include

  • solid assurance through public consultations and multilateral coordination,
  • thorough assessment of the resources required and the potential risks,
  • the development of effective mitigation strategies.


What are we contributing?

  • Long-term experience and our scientific approach position us as a trustworthy partner.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the regional and international funding programmes and institutional landscape.
  • The ability to navigate complex challenges and develop sustainable, impactful solutions.


Where have we been particularly active recently?

  • National preparation for the new development of European RTI programmes
  • Development of EU missions at European and national level
  • Programming in the area of the European Structural Funds
  • Programming and monitoring of national programmes in the areas of technology development, knowledge transfer and science communication
  • Foundations and start-ups, investment promotion, promotion of young talents and qualification
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