A dataset for evaluating out-of-order event compensation algorithms

Publikation aus Digital

Wolfgang Weiss, Victor Juan Exposito Jimnez and Herwig Zeiner

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS 2017) , 1/2017


These are synthetically generated datasets using standard commercial devices, networks, and protocols commonly used in Internet of Things applications aiming to resemble real world use cases. Several sessions were carried out to cover the influence of different parameters of payload and network types. The datasets were designed to resemble the behavior and architecture of an Internet of Things use case, where many nodes are connected over a network. Each node continuously sends text-based messages to a common destination in a predefined interval over HTTP. The event producers are various kinds of Android smartphones, running a customized application which is optimized
 for efficient event generation. Two Windows PCs were also used as event producers for the WLAN datasets running the same code base. The sessions were recorded using either the internal wireless network after the IEEE 802.11 standard (WLAN), or the public cell phone network (UMTS) of different providers.