A spatial planetary image database in the context of processing

Publikation aus Digital

Gerhard Paar, K. Willner, E. Tasdelen, the PRoViDE project team

European Planetary Science Congress 2015 , 1/2015


Planetary image data is collected and archived by e.g. the European Planetary Science Archive (PSA) or its US counterpart the Planetary Data System (PDS). These archives usually organize the data according to missions and their respective instruments. Search queries can be posted to retrieve data of interest for a specific instrument data set. In the context of processing data of a number of sensors and missions this is not practical. In the scope of the EU FP7 project PRoViDE meta-data from imaging sensors were collected from PSA as well as PDS and were rearranged and restructured according to the processing needs. Exemplary image data gathered from rover and lander missions operated on the Martian surface was organized into a new unique data base. The data base is a core component of the PRoViDE processing and visualization system as it enables multi-mission and -sensor searches to fully exploit the collected data.