Acoustic monitoring using PyzoFlex: a novel printed sensor for smart consumer products

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Intelligente Akustische Lösungen

Martin Blass, Florian Krebs, Clemens Amon , Manfred Adler, Martin Zirkl, Andreas Tschepp, Franz Graf

M Blass et al 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1896 012022, 11/2020


Acoustic monitoring has always been a niche area in the field of monitoring

applications compared to other modalities, such as computer vision. Over the last decades,

the number of applications for acoustic monitoring has been growing and ranges from predictive

maintenance within the industrial sector to acoustic scene classification and security monitoring

in traffic and urban scenarios. With the rise of the internet-of-things (IoT) and artificial

intelligence (AI) in recent years, smart consumer products and devices have pushed forward

using different sensor technologies to enhance the user experience. To this end, acoustic

monitoring is still an underestimated discipline with great potential to serve as a missing link

in smart sensing within environments where other modalities face difficulties. In this paper,

we present PyzoFlex®, a printable sensor technology which facilitates accurate measurement

of pressure and temperature changes in objects and their environment, as a sensor interface for

acoustic monitoring applications. In contrast to microphones or acceleration sensors, PyzoFlex

may be printed onto any curved or textured surface. To demonstrate the possibilities, we

present a case study in which we equip a coffee machine with PyzoFlex to acoustically monitor

the machine states in real-time using a machine learning model.