ASSIST, Alpine Safety, Security & Informational Services and Technologies

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Almer A., , Granica K., Hirschmugl M., Raggam J., Van Dahl M.

13th EC GI\&GIS Workshop. Porto, 4th July 2007 , 2007


The concept for an operational service for natural disaster situations requires a scenario driven data access to different sensor information for all phases of a disaster management. This includes also the actual availability of image information of the earth surface concerning the specific requirements of each phase. From the temporal point of view, spaceborne data acquisition does not offer a sufficient data availability in order to support all different phases in specific crisis situations. Especially the event phase cannot be supported as required. In this paper we describe a concept for on demand remote sensing image data acquisition and a rapid information flow within a crisis management system, which allows to support the decision making process for different crisis scenarios and user groups in charge. The investigation focuses on an airborne data acquisition platform as well as on the development of a multi platform geo-service framework to improve the risk management capacities in mountainous regions by realizing an integrated pre-operational service. The demonstrator includes the client applications for building up an overall crisis management system including mobile units, a mobile command centre, web based presentations and open interfaces to other systems. Additionally, it is described how Very High Resolution (VHR) remote sensing data could be used in this context. A landslide susceptibility mapping has been performed using airborne LIDAR data and QUICKBIRD satellite imagery.