Automatic Camera Selection for Format Agnostic Live Event Broadcast Production

Publikation aus Digital

Kaiser R., Weiss W., Kienast G., Bailer W., Thaler M., Thallinger G.

5. Forum Medientechnik, 11/2012


The FascinatE broadcast production system is based on a format-agnostic approach. It produces for a range of output devices in parallel. Its 180 panoramic camera records the complete scene throughout, from a single point of view. Viewers may explore the scene freely by panning and zooming though the scene. However, they might also lean back and enjoy a personalized stream which the Production Scripting Engine (PSE), the systems Virtual Director, produces while taking the viewers individual preferences and playout device capabilities into account. We present our distributed PSE implementation, and discuss its research challenges and limitations of the current solution.