Design of Prototype Slag Flow Monitoring System

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Urban H., Andreu J-P., Sidla O.

ACV Technical Report Nr. 163 (SPERRVERMERK??) , 2006


The present project aims at the development of a dual wavelength thermographic
 camera system which shall be used for contactless monitoring of slag
 temperature in the Böhler BEST steel solidification process. The
 final product will also allow to quantitatively characterize the
 flow patterns that can be observed on the ingot's slag topping in
 realtime. Eventually both the temperature and the flow pattern information
 will serve as input parameters for online process control. The report
 summarizes the current status of the project provides an overview
 of the experiments carried out so far and gives some insight into
 the challenges encountered in the rough environment of a steel plant.
 The report also gives a short overview of the software modules developed
 so far as well as the underlying algorithms in particular the KLT
 feature tracker.