Ground control for modelling glacier changes in "Hornsundet"

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Sharov Aleksey I., Wack R.

IASC Workshop in Pontresina, Switzerland (January) , 2007


You will not find the name Hornsundet in existing maps. This invented toponym refers to a hypothetical sub-glacial strait between Torell and Sörkapp lands in South Spitsbergen, Norwegian High Arctic. A relatively low and flat ice isthmus formed by Hornbreen and Hambergbreen tidewater glaciers is currently bridging the two lands. In the narrowest part, the ice bridge is 7.5 kilometres wide, approx. 1.5 kilometres long and 130 meters high (2006). Our previous remote sensing studies using spaceborne radar interferograms, optical imagery and altimetry data revealed essential changes in the extent, elevation and mechanics of the Hornbreen - Hambergbreen (H - H) glacier system, and provided some evidence for short-term vertical motions of the ice bridge (Sharov 2006). Yet several unresolved questions remained concerning the character and causes of these changes and motions, which could not be answered in the lab.