Mars US roverr traverse co-registration using multi-resolution Orbital 3D imaging datasets

Publikation aus Digital

Poole, W. and Muller, J. P. and Paar, G.

EPSC Abstracts, Vol. 8, EPSC2013-661-1, 2013, European Planetary Science Congress 2013 , 1/2013


Co-registered 3D Digital terrain Models (DTMs) and orthorectified imaging (ORI) orbital datasets have been produced of all the major US Mars landing sites.These have been sourced from HiRise, HRSC and MOLA. Co-registration was achieved using manualtiepointing within ARCgis v10. These DTM and ORI products were sourced from publicly available datasets or from EU-FP7-PRoViSG partners or generated using internal UCL 3D-RPIF [1] resources. For rover traverses, this results in substantial transformations which implies that all the SPICE kernels will need to be recomputed.