Orchestration for Group Videoconferencing: An Interactive Demonstrator

Publikation aus Digital
Connected Computing

Weiss W., Rene Kaiser R., Falelakis M.

New York, USA Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI '14), p72-73., 2014


In this demonstration we invite visitors to join a live videoconferencing session with remote participants across Europe. We demonstrate the behavior of an automatic decision making component in the realm of social video communication. Our approach takes into account several aspects such as the current conversational situation, conversational metrics of the past, and device capabilities, to make decisions on the visual representation of available video streams. The combination of these cues and the application of automatic decision making rules results into commands of how to mix and how to compose the available video streams for each conversation node's screen. The demo's features are another step towards optimally supporting users in communication within various communication contexts and adapting the user interface to the users' needs.