PRoViDE: Planetary Robotics Vision Data Processing and Fusion

Publikation aus Digital

Gerhard Paar, Jan-Peter Muller and Yu Tao and Tomas Pajdla and Michele Giordano and Ender Tasdelen and Irina Karachevtseva and Christoph Traxler and Gerd Hesina and Laurence Tyler and Rob Barnes and Sanjeev Gupta and Konrad Willner

European Planetary Science Congress 2015 , 1/2015


The international planetary science community has launched, landed and operated dozens of human and robotic missions to the planets and the Moon. They have collected various surface imagery that has only been partially utilized for further scientific purposes. The FP7 project PRoViDE (Planetary Robotics Vision Data Exploitation) has assembled a major portion of the imaging data gathered so far from planetary surface missions into a unique database, bringing them into a spatial context and providing access to a complete set of 3D vision products. The processing chain is exploited by a multi-resolution visualization engine that combines various levels of detail for a seamless and immersive real-time access to dynamically rendered 3D scenes. Latest results of 3D fusion between HiRISE and MER/MSL 3D stereo vision products are shown, as well as combined 3D vision processing results from multiple rover stations such as available for MER at Victoria Crater and for MSL at the Shaler site.