Steering Drivers of Change: Maximising Benefits of Trustworthy IoT

Publikation aus Digital
Forschungsgruppe Cyber Security and Defence

Heribert Vallant, Christian Derler , Omar Veledar, Eric Armengaud, Leo Happ Botler, Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt, Stefan Jaksic, Lukas Krammer, Christian Lettner, Georg Macher, Stefan Marksteiner, Andreas Martin, Martin Matschnig, Peter Priller, Sebastian Ramacher, Kay Römer, Christoph Schmittner, Christina Tiefnig, Heinz Weiskirchner, Mario Drobics

In: Yilmaz M., Clarke P., Messnarz R., Reiner M. (eds) Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement. EuroSPI 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1442. Springer, Cham. DOI, 8/2021


The collaborative activities of a diverse range of partners have resulted in a variety of assets directed towards trustworthy IoT and its integration into autonomous driving and Industry 4.0 applications. This paper strays away from technical development. Its motive is to establish a process and define an adequate set of high-level generic measures that could be implemented to support digital transformation beyond the project’s closing phase. The focus is placed on successful exploitation with a sustainable outlook for the project results in a quest to maximise benefits for a range of stakeholders. To that extent, the paper considers the realistic maximisation of benefits through the implementation of a strategy to improve the value proposition. These activities are prolonging and maximising the impact of the project.

Keywords: IoT, Digitalisation, Trustworthy, Automotive, Benefits, Business strategy, Exploitation, Sustainability