Tablet-based playful multimodal training for activating people with dementia: Practical experiences of two field studies (8 month and 2 month) in home and hospital environment. First Krems Dementia Conference

Publikation aus Digital
Intelligent Vision Applications, Connected Computing

Fellner M., Paletta L., Russegger S., Steiner J., Schuster E., Jos A., Wild M., Tax C., Sumerauer S.

Book of Abstracts, Danube University Krems, page 19 , 2019


Background: The combination of cognitive, physical and social stimulation promises significant potential for success. Serious games can support behavioural changes in a playful way. JOANNEUM RESEARCH and Sozialverein Deutschlandsberg have developed a tablet-based serious game in a series of research projects, which is used for personalized and guided trainings by dementia trainers and caregivers. Each training unit starts with movement exercises for warm-up, followed by various theme-based cognitive and creative exercises, such as quizes, closes, puzzles, spot-the-difference, pairs, picture details, math, and sound riddles. The difficulty can be adjusted according to the person´s actual constitution.


Methodology: This serious game has 2018 been tested by the Austrian Red Cross in an 8-month pilot study in 3 different Austrian regions. The University Hospital Graz has tested the serious game in a 1- month pilot study at the department of neurology. At each visit/session the patients have been conducted through a tablet-based training unit of 50 minutes following a specific theme (e.g. spring, professions, water, past times).