The Observation of Protection Forests in Critical Zones Using New Satellite Technology.

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Proceedings of INTERPRAEVENT 2004; 26. – 28. Mai 04, Band 2, pp.37 – 48. , 5/2004


Continuous monitoring of larger areas in the Alps using remote sensing technologies helps to spot changes even in the most remote valleys or along critical zones and to identify potential hazards early, thus improving the safety of residents and tourists. The monitoring of protection forests proves to be a significant task for the evaluation of risk potentials in an alpine environment. It is, therefore, important to obtain knowledge about the condition and development of these forested areas. The objectives of these investigations were put on the ascertainment of the most important forest parameters, i.e. crown coverage, species types and age, by means of satellite technology on stand level. For this purpose the potential of SPOT4 satellite data have been analysed, compared and evaluated. In a next phase it is foreseen to examine the potential of the high resolution SPOT5 data for the classification of parameters outside forests, which can play a role in risk analysis.

Keywords: hazards, classification, remote sensing, forest, transportation lines.