The PanCam instrument for the ExoMars 2018 rover: science objectives and instrument characteristics

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Coates, A.J. and Griffiths, A D and Leff, C.E. and Cousins, C.R. and Jaumann, R. and Schmitz, N. and Jossef, J-L. and Paar, G., and BBarnes, D.P. and the PanCam Team

EPSC Abstracts, Vol. 8, EPSC2013-154-2, 2013, European Planetary Science Congress 2013; , 1/2013


The scientific objectives of the ExoMars 2018 rover are designed to answer several key questions in the search for life on Mars. The PanCam instrument will set the geological and morphological context for the mission. In this talk we will describe the PanCam scientific  objectives in geology, atmospheric science and 3D vision. We will also describe the design of PanCam, which includes a stereo pair of Wide Angle Cameras (WACs), each of which has a filter wheel, and a High Resolution Camera for close up investigations. The cameras  are housed in an optical bench and electrical interface is via the PanCam Interface Unit (PIU). We also discuss some results from PanCam testing during field trials.