Validation of the 3D Vision and Visualization Frameworks PRoViP and PRo3D for the Mars2020 and ExoMars Stereo Panoramic Camera Systems

Publikation aus Digital

Gerhard Paar, Barnes, R., Gupta, S., Traxler, C., Gunn, M., Koeberl, C.

49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference , 1/2018


Introduction & Rationale: Planetary rover mis-sions use panoramic stereo camera systems to image rock outcrops along rover traverses, in order to charac-terize their geological history and focus the search for ancient biosignatures. Stereo imaging from the ExoMars PanCam instrument will significantly en-hance the ability of the science team to investigate terrain and geology through 3-D vision [1]. The Mars 2020 rover will also carry a Panoramic Camera System (Mastcam-Z [3]) to obtain multi-spectral stereoscopic panoramic images with a 3.6:1 zoom capability and a matched pair of zoom CCD cameras that each provides broad-band red/green/blue (RGB), narrow-band visi-ble/near-infrared (VNIR) color with 5° to 15° fields of view.