Wide-Band Characterization of Antennae Plus Aircraft Platform Patterns in L- and Ka-Band

Publikation aus Digital
Telekommunikation, Navigation und Signalverarbeitung

Martin Schwinzerl, Thomas Jost, Fernando Perez-Fontan, Michael Schoenhuber, Wei Wang, Michael Walter, Tanja Pelzmann, Guenther Obertaxer, Nicolas Floury, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira

EUCAP 2015 Lisbon, Portugal, 2015


The aim of the presented activities is to improve the quality and reliability of aircraft bound wide-band satellite transmissions for current and up-coming communication- and air-traffic management applications. To this end, simulation tools are in process of being developed which are based upon an improved model for the transmission channel. Among other influences, the effects of the airborne platform itself onto the electromagnetical pattern of airborne antennae for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft have to be assessed and quantified towards the end of inclusion into an updated channel model. Within this paper, the motivation, design and the experimental execution of a series of campaigns involving commercially available, off-the-shelf (COTS) antennae and four different aircraft (two fixed wing planes and two helicopters) are outlined. Moreover, the experimental execution is described and first results from these measurements are presented.