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Topical application of haemoglobin: a safety study Judith Holzer , DI Dr. Thomas Birngruber , Mag.a Selma Mautner , Alexander Graff (Technical Department, Austrian Dust-Silicosis Control Center (ÖSBS)), Univ.-Prof. Dr.  Lars-Peter Kamolz, MSc

A head‐to‐head comparison of personal and professional continuous glucose monitoring systems in people with type 1 diabetes: hypoglycaemia remains the weak spot

Moser O, Pandis M, Aberer F, Kojzar H, Hochfellner D, Elsayed H, Motschnig M, Dr. Thomas Augustin , Kreuzer P, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Pieber , Sourij H, Mader JK
Scientific publication

Novel Insulin Infusion Catheter Provides Full Functionality in Clogged State – An Imaging Study

Thomas Altendorfer-Kroath 1, Simon Schwingenschuh 1, Pernelle Kruse Schøndorff 2, Rasmus Juliussen 2, Matthias Heschel 2, Frank Sinner 1, Thomas Birngruber

Impact of C-Peptide Status on the Response of Glucagon and Endogenous Glucose Production to Induced Hypoglycaemia in T1D

Sabine Zenz, Julia K. Mader, Werner Regittnig, Martina Brunner, Stefan Korsatko, Beate Boulgaropoulos, Christoph Magnes, Reingard Raml, Sophie H. Narath, Philipp Eller, Thomas Augustin, Thomas R. Pieber
Scientific publication

Intelligent NFC potassium measurement strip with hemolysis check in capillary blood

C. Kollegger, P. Greiner, I. Siegl, C. Steffan, M. Wiessflecker, Mag.a pharm. Bruna Pekec , DI Dr. Martin Hajnsek , Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. Frank Sinner , G. Holweg, B. Deutschmann
Scientific publication

Development of a Protocol for Automated Glucose Measurement Transmission Used in Clinical Decision Support Systems Based on the Continua Design Guidelines

Meyer M, Donsa K, Truskaller T, Frohner M, Pohn B, Felfernig A, Sinner F, Pieber T
Scientific publication

Continuous Sampling of Immune Cells in the

DI Dr. Thomas Birngruber , B. Prietl, M. Bodenlenz , P. Florian, A.Subramaniam, Sonja Kainz, BSc , G. Rauter, Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. Frank Sinner