Open Flow Microperfusion: An Alternative Method to Microdialysis?

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Pieber T., Birngruber T., Bodenlenz M., Höfferer C., Mautner S., Tiffner K., Sinner F.

Microdialysis in Drug Development Microdialysis in Drug Development. AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series, Vol. 4, 2013


Membrane-based sampling systems encounter problems when sampling high molecular weight or highly lipophilic substances in the interstitial fluid. Open flow microperfusion (OFM) overcomes these problems by replacing the membrane with a steel mesh featuring macroscopic openings in combination with a peristaltic OFM pump in push/pull mode to achieve stable recovery of OFM samples. Unfiltered sampling results in a complete representation of the ISF for relative and absolute quantification in the target tissue. Current applications in adipose subcutaneous tissue (aOFM) and dermal tissue (dOFM) range from preclinical studies to clinical trials, and cover a wide range of substances from small ions to lipophilic topical drugs to large antibodies. The latest development in OFM has been designed for use in cerebral tissue (cOFM). Currently used in preclinical research, cOFM allows effective sampling in brain tissue with an intact blood–brain barrier. Future work will combine OFM with metabolomics for a more complete assessment of metabolic pathways.