Optical glucose sensor for microfluidic cell culture systems

Publikation aus Health

Fuchs, S., Rieger, V., Tjell, A. Ø., Spitz, S., Brandauer, K., Schaller-Ammann, R. , Feiel, J., Ertl, P., Klimant, I., Mayr, T.

Biosensors und Bioelectronics 237, 115491, 6/2023


Glucose is the primary energy source of human cells. Therefore, monitoring glucose inside microphysiological systems (MPS) provides valuable information on the viability and metabolic state of the cultured cells. However, continuous glucose monitoring inside MPS is challenging due to a lack of suitable miniaturized sensors. Here we present an enzymatic, optical glucose sensor element for measurement inside microfluidic systems. The miniaturized glucose sensor (Ø 1 mm) is fabricated together with a reference oxygen sensor onto biocompatible, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for easy integration inside microfluidic systems. Furthermore, the proposed microfluidic system can be used as plug and play sensor system with existing MPS. It was characterized under cell culture conditions (37 °C and pH 7.4) for five days, exhibiting minor drift (3% day−1). The influence of further cell culture parameters like oxygen concentration, pH, flow rate, and sterilization methods was investigated. The plug-and-play system was used for at-line measurements of glucose levels in (static) cell culture and achieved good agreement with a commercially available glucose sensor. In conclusion, we developed an optical glucose sensor element that can be easily integrated in microfluidic systems and is able to perform stable glucose measurements under cell culture conditions.

Keywords: Microphysiological systemsGlucoseOptical sensorOrgan-on-ChipMicrofluidicFlow through cell