Safe and Sufficient Glycemic Control by Using a Digital Clinical Decision Support System for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in a Routine Setting on General Hospital Wards

Publikation aus Health
Kompetenzgruppe Klinische Entscheidungsunterstützung

Lichtenegger KM, Aberer F, Tuca AC, Donsa K, Höll B, Schaupp L, Plank J, Beck P, Fruhwald FM, Kamolz LP, Pieber TR, Mader JK

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology , 3/2021


The aim was to investigate the applicability of a clinical decision support system in a real-world inpatient setting for patients with type 2 diabetes on general hospital wards.A total of 150 patients with type 2 diabetes requiring subcutaneous insulin therapy were treated with basal-bolus insulin therapy guided by a decision support system (GlucoTab) providing automated workflow tasks and suggestions for insulin dosing to health care professionals.By using the system, a mean daily blood glucose (BG) of 159 ± 32 mg/dL was achieved. 68.8% of measurements were in the target range (70 to <180 mg/dL). The percentage of BG values <40, 70, and ≥300 mg/dL was 0.02%, 2.2%, and 2.3%, respectively. Health care professionals' adherence to suggested insulin doses and workflow tasks was high (>93% and 91%, respectively).The decision support system facilitates safe and efficacious inpatient diabetes care by standardizing treatment workflow and providing decision support for basal-bolus insulin dosing.

Keywords: algorithm; decision support; hospital; insulin therapy; mobile applications; type 2 diabetes