Redundancy Resolution of a 9 DOF Serial Manipulator under Hard Task Constraints

Publikation aus Robotics

Narendrakrishnan Neythalath, Mathias Brandstötter , Michael Hofbaur

ROMANSY 21 - Robot Design, Dynamics and Control. CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (Courses and Lectures), vol 569, Springer International Publishing, pp. 31-38 , 6/2016


Kinematic redundancy is a topic which has been discussed under various contexts to co-achieve a primary task along with additional tasks. However a structural analysis about kinematic redundancy to comprehend what really is happening underneath the hood has seldom been a topic of discussion. In this paper, kinematic redundancy is viewed from a slightly di fferent perspective to deduce the constraints in the null space. Task distortion is explained in a geometrical sense and it lays the foundation for possible corrective measures for a better realization of the task. For the sake of generality, the considered primary task in this work is highly con-straining in nature. A 9 DOF serial manipulator will be used instead of a conventional 7 DOF manipulator as the constraints imposed by the primary task results in insufficient null space dimensions.



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Keywords: Primary Task, Null Space, Secondary Task, Task Execution, Additional Task