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Better hard- and software for the energy transition

From 18 to 19 January 2023, the kick-off of the Horizon Europe project OPENTUNITY took place in Valencia.

Gruppenfoto OPENTUNITY Kick-Off in Valencia

"Inspiring and successful" - this is how our colleagues Camilla Neumann and Stephan Schwarzinger from the institute LIFE describe the  Horizon Europe OPENTUNITY project kick-off at ETRA in Valencia.


The aim of the project with over 21 project partners from 8 nations is to further develop flexibility markets for renewable energies through interoperability, open standards and a systematic integration of the needs and desires of users. This is intended to promote decarbonisation as well as to increase energy security.

The hardware and software solutions developed in OPENTUNITY support grid operators, prosumers and other market players through:

  • Better use of flexibilities by consumers and prosumers
  • Better stability control and management for grid operators


JOANNEUM RESEARCH, represented by the Institute LIFE, is particularly focusing on user engagement and innovative business models in OPENTUNITY.



Visit LinkedIn and Twitter for more information on the project!

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