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Green Deal: How scientific inputs pave the way to achievable goals

As part of the LOCA2Transformation project, companies in Lower Carinthia were supported on their way towards climate neutrality.

Produktionsanlage, dahinter eine grüne Landschaft, über welche zwei Personen wandern.

Der Weg zur Klimaneutralität stellt Unternehmen vor zahlreiche Herausforderungen. Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Wehap, istock

The project, managed by Joanneum Research in cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt, has now been presented as a case study and offers valuable insights and solutions for a more sustainable future.


3 key findings on how a sustainable future can be achieved and implemented:

  1. Potentials and barriers: Surveys were conducted to assess the potential and barriers for businesses transitioning to sustainable models. Data, including energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, informed workshops that explored strategies to reach the climate goals.
  2. Transformation pathways: Using a life cycle approach, the energy consumption of the lower Carinthian industry was forecasted and potential transformation scenarios were modelled. They can help decision makers to identify relevant technologies for specific applications, such as a shift to hydrogen, green gas or electrification in industrial processes.
  3. Empowering businesses: A handbook was developed, offering actionable recommendations for businesses undergoing transformation. It includes insights from the study, hurdles faced by surveyed companies, climate footprints of industry sectors, and good-practice examples of companies already implementing sustainable approaches.


Read the article Case Study Detail – IWB/EFRE to learn more about the importance of scientific input for the Green Deal and get inspired on how you too can contribute to achieving the goals.

The most important findings of the project have been prepared in a handbook for companies that want to implement the climate goals – to the handbook!

Together we can achieve the climate goals and create a sustainable future.


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