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LIFE expands its office in Carinthia with addition of the topic "climate neutral production"

Combatting climate change requires the sustainable transformation of the economy towards greenhouse gas-neutral, resource-efficient and recycling-oriented activities and business models.

Produktionsanlage, dahinter eine grüne Landschaft, über welche zwei Personen wandern.

Companies and sectors with a strong dependence on fossil fuels, have a particularly high requirement for this transformation.

The primary goal of a new research project, supported by the Carinthian Economic Development Fund (Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds), is to prepare certain industries in the NUTS 3 regions of Lower Carinthia and Styria for this transformation. By analysing their activities and business models, their operations may become climate neutral in a cost-effective manner.

With the appointment of a new employee at the Lakeside Park location of the Institute in Klagenfurt, LIFE is expanding its activities in the Carinthia region with this topic.


Dr Hannes Peter Schwaiger
Deputy Director LIFE, Head of Research Group
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