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Working, creating and operating in the energy transformation

The event series "Energiegespräche im Obstgarten" took place for the third time. Decentralised energy supply, storage system solutions and other exciting topics were in the focus.

Foto der Energiegespräche im Obstgarten
Our energy market is changing. More and more people want to get actively involved to reshape the energy system in a sustainable way and take their supplies into their own hands. The challenges of our time require a change in thinking and fuel innovation. However, energy transition and climate protection will only succeed when answers to complex questions are found. What options do we have now and in the future? What can we all contribute to the energy transformation?

On 1 June 2023, Sekem Energy/OurPower Süd, in cooperation with the institute LIFE, invited for the third time to an interesting, high-level discussion round in the scenic orchard of the organic farm Birnstingl-Gottinger.

Besides details on the implementation of energy communities, broader topics such as Citizen Led Rennovation or the importance of the European Green Deal for Austria until 2030 were addressed. The event has developed into an important forum between energy experts, stakeholders and citizens.

Speakers at the event were LIFE energy expert Andreas Türk, Sonja Wogrin (Head of the Institute for Electricity Management and Energy Innovation, University of Technology Graz), Lukas Tröls (Sales Manager, OurPower, Energiebezirk Freistadt) and Michael Puttinger (Project Manager, OurPower South).

After statements by the experts, interested citizens had the opportunity to exchange ideas.






This project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 894255.


Andreas Türk, MBA


Head of Research Group
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