Technophilia as a driver for using advanced traveler information systems

Publikation aus Life
Internationale Klimapolitik und Ökonomik

Seebauer S., Stolz R., Berger M.

Emerging Technologies 60, 498-510, 2015


Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) provide comprehensive trip information for all modes of transport while considering the current traffic situation; however, impacts on travel choices are weak, which might be due to insufficient consideration of user characteristics. As a critical determinant of willingness to use, we propose and validate technophilia, an openness, interest and fascination towards information and communication technologies. Drawing on data from a survey of 1300 Austrians, we describe willingness to use ATIS, and delineate target groups by socio-demographic vharacteristics.Weestablish validity of a technophilia measure consisting of seven survey questions. All questions constitute a common factor (construct validity). The technophilia measure can be distinguished from social norms and general technology-related values (discriminant validity). Technophilia is more pronounced among men, younger people, individuals with higher education and persons who frequently use the Internet for travel information or who frequently use an in-car navigation system. Among a range of potential determinants, technophilia is verified as an independent determinant of willingness to use ATIS (criterion validity). The results suggest to pay particular attention to the technophilia dimension in ATIS user requirements. Technophiles may advocate ATIS in their social network. The applied seven questions provide a short and valid scale of technophilia which may contribute to customer segmentation or to explaining the acceptance of traveler information.

DOI: 10.1016/j.trc.2015.10.009