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Wissenschaftliche Publikation

"Ambipolar inverters with cellulose derivative based material as gate dielectric layer "

Publikation aus Materials

Petritz A., Fian A., Gtowacki E. D., Sariciftci N. S., Stadlober, B., Irimia-Vladu M.

Physica Status Solidi RRL Volume 9 Issue 6, Pages 358-361 , 6/2015


Thin film electronics fabricated with non-toxic and abundant materials are enabling for emerging bioelectronic technologies. Herein complementary-like inverters comprising transistors using 6,6?-dichloroindigo as the semiconductor and trimethylsilyl-cellulose (TMSC) films on anodized aluminum as bilayer dielectric layer are demonstrated. The inverters operate both in the first and third quadrant, exhibiting a maximum static gain of 22 and a noise margin of 58% at a supply voltage of 14 V.