Channel length variation in self-aligned, nanoimprint lithography structured OTFTs

Publikation aus Materials

Rothländer T., Fian A., Kraxner J., Grogger W., Gold H., Haase A., Stadlober B.

Organic Electronics Volume 15, p 3274-3281 , 9/2014


We report on the fabrication and characterization of self-aligned organic thin-film transistors with copper gate electrodes structured by nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The process has been improved to increase the compatibility with solution processed materials for future fabrication of fully printed, NIL structured transistors. We provide detailed analysis of the influence of the channel length on the fabricated devices. The on-current, the swing and the onset voltage are studied for channel lengths between 25 ?m and 800 nm. The results indicate that for the given system a channel length of 5 ?m results in the best device performance regarding the on-current and the subthreshold swing. This work marks a first step towards our goal of fabricating self-aligned NIL OTFTs consisting solely of printable materials.