Datasets for the analysis of dislocations at grain boundaries and during vein formation in cyclically deformed Ni micropillars

Publikation aus Materials
Hybridelektronik und Strukturierung

Stefan Sandfeld, Vahid Samaee, Hosni Idrissi, Jonas Groten, Thomas Pardoen, Ruth Schwaiger, Dominique Schryvers

Data in Brief Volume 27, 104724, 10/2019


The dataset together with the corresponding Python scripts and Jupyter notebooks presented in this article are supplementary data for the work presented in Samaee et al., 2019 [1]. The data itself consists of two parts: the simulation data that was used in [1] to analyze the effect of a particular grain boundary on curved dislocations and the precession electron diffraction (PED) strain maps together with post-processed data for analyzing details of the observed dislocation vein structures. Additionally, the complete stress tensor components, which are not shown in [1], have also been included. The data sets are accompanied by Python code explaining the file formats and showing how to post-process the data.