Detachment kinetics of Eukaryote cells from biocompatible PVD Coatings

Publikation aus Materials

Lackner J.M., Waldhauser W., Berghauser R., Kahn M., Bruckert F., Major R., Major B.

Proc. 50th Annual Technical Conference - Society of Vacuum Coaters, Louisville (Kentucky), 28.Apr.-3.May, 2007


Biocompatible coatings gather more and more interest. However, depositing them at low temperatures is a big challenge, which is necessary to use polymers and other bio-materials as substrates. In the current work, the PVD techniques pulsed laser deposition and magnetron sputtering were used to deposit highly adherent TiN, TiCN and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings on titanium substrates at room temperature in order to provide substrate materials for studying the detachment kinetics of cells from these biocompatible coating materials. These kinetic mechanisms of eukaryote cells (type Dictyostelium discoideum) were tested in a two-plate cell detachment assay with the coated substrates as test plates and stainless steel discs as counter plates. The suspension of the cells in Sörensen buffer rested between the two plates, retained by the balance between gravity and capillary forces. All coat

ings influenced the cells leading to the observation of high cell attachment. The highest amount of detached cells was observed for the carbon-free and low-carbon containing coatings. Additionally, the agglomeration tendency of the D. discoideum cells increases on these coatings under medium shear stresses.

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