Dry and ringer solution lubricated tribology of thin osseoconductive metal oxides and diamond-like carbon films

Publikation aus Materials

Waldhauser W., Lackner J. M., Kot M., Major B.

Archives of Metallurgy and Materials Volume 60 Issue 3B, Pages 2139-2144 , 11/2015


Achieving fast and strong adhesion to jawbone is essential for dental implants. Thin deposited films may improve osseointegration, but they are prone to cohesive and adhesive fracture due to high stresses while screwing the implant into the bone, leading to bared, less osteoconductive substrate surfaces and nano- and micro-particles in the bone. Aim of this work is the investigation of the cohesion and adhesion failure stresses of osteoconductive tantalum, titanium, silicon, zirconium and aluminium oxide and diamond-like carbon films. The tribological behaviour under dry and lubricated conditions (Ringer solution) reveals best results for diamond-like carbon, while cohesion and adhesion of zirconium oxide films is highest.