High-mobility pentacene organic field-effect transistors with a high-dielectric-constant fluorinated polymer film gate dielectric

Publikation aus Materials

Stadlober B., Zirkl M., Beutl M., Leising G., Bauer-Gogonea S., Bauer S.

Applied Physics Letters, 2005


High-performance organic thin-film transistors in top-contact geometry with pentacene as semiconductor and double layers of a new ferroelectric terpolymer electret poly(vinylidene fluoride / tetrafluoroethylene / hexafluoropropylene) and the polymer poly(vinyl cinnamate) as gate dielectric are reported. The electret is a high-k dielectric polymer with a static dielectric constant of 14. The transistors show a large intrinsic field-effect mobility in the range of µi = 1 cm^2/Vs and a large on- to off-current ratio of about 10^5. The use of strongly polar high-k polymer gate dielectrics seems promising for applications of organic field-effect transistors as nonvolatile memory elements and in organic sensor systems.