Nanostrukturierte Schichten - der Schlüssel zu multifunktionalen Oberflächen

Publikation aus Materials

Mitterer C., Waldhauser W.

BHM - Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte 155/9, pp. 409-416, 2010


NanoSurface Engineering Center Leoben as an international leading research center for nanostructured multifunctional surfaces – Plasma-assisted thin film technology for tailored design of multifunctional coatings with self-adaptive optimisation of oxidation protection an friction reduction and for synthesis of novel metastable coating materials – Laser-assisted thin film technology and hybrid methods for development and deposition of multifunctional coatings onto temperature-sensitive and difficult-to-coat components – Research Studio Austria Surface Engineering for tailored material and process development of multifunctional nanostructured surfaces.

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