Novel Concept of Micro Patterned Micro Titer Plates Fabricated via UV-NIL for Automated Neuronal Cell Assay Read-Out

Publikation aus Materials
Hybridelektronik und Strukturierung, Sensoren und Funktionales Drucken

Lohse M, Thesen M.W., Haase A., Smolka M., Briz Iceta N., Ayerdi Izquierdo A., Ramos I., Salado C., Schleunitz A

Nanomaterials 2021 11(4), 902, 4/2021


The UV-nanoimprint lithography(UV-NIL) fabrication of a novel network of micron-sized channels, forming an open channel microfluidic system is described. Details about the complete manufacturing process, from mastering to fabrication in small batches and in high throughput with up to 1200 micro titer plates per hour is presented. Deep insight into the evaluation of a suitable UV-curable material, mr-UVCur26SF is given, presenting cytotoxic evaluation, cell compatibility tests and finally a neuronal assay. The results indicate how the given pattern, in combination with the resist, paves the way to faster, cheaper, and more reliable drug screening.

Keywords: nanoimprint lithography; R2R UV-NIL; neuronal cell assay