Passive Visible Light Sensing of retroreflective foils on a moving object for indoor application

Publikation aus Materials
Smart Connected Lighting

A. P. Weiss, F. P. Wenzl

MDPI Proceedings 56(1), 42;, 1/2021


We present a novel approach to perform passive visible light sensing of retroreflective foils mounted on a moving object by utilizing low-cost hardware combined with a self-developed, low complex software algorithm with minimal training effort for successful classification. Therewith, we show the feasibility of utilizing the visible light spectrum not only for illumination, but also to perform sensing tasks, which consequently will lead to less energy consumption, no need for active sensors on the moving object, and finally no necessity of wireless radio frequency communication between the object and the processing device.

Keywords: passive visible light sensing; retroreflective sensing; photonic sensor