Pulsed laser deposition: A new technique for coating sheet materials and three-dimensional industrial components

Publikation aus Materials

Ebner R., Waldhauser W., Lenz W.

Proc. Materials Week, 1-4 October, Munich, Paper No. 575, 2001


Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a well-established laboratory coating technology. The roots date back to the 1960ies. Today, new types of laser sources are available which can be used as a basis to design powerful PLD coating systems. Up to now PLD has not become a standard industrial coating technique despite its outstanding process features. The missing of PLD coating systems, which fulfil the requirements for industrial applications, is considered as one of the main obstacles for a breakthrough of the PLD technique. To overcome this problem a computer controlled PLD coating system has been developed and built-up at the Laser Center Leoben. The present paper compares PLD to other physical vapour deposition processes and summarises the most important process features. The latest achievements regarding the PLD equipment at the Laser Center Leoben are outlined, especially the concept of the fully computer controlled PLD demonstration system.

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