Self-Aligned Megahertz Organic Transistors Solution-processed on Plastic

Publikation aus Materials

Stuart G. Higgins , Beinn V. O. Muir , Jessica Wade , Jiaren Chen , Bernd Striedinger, Herbert Gold, Barbara Stadlober, Mario Caironi , Ji-Seon Kim , Joachim H. G. Steinke, and Alasdair J. Campbell

Adv. Electron. Mater. 1, 1500024 , 3/2015


The processing of complex nanoscale electronic structures on plastic substrates is a significant challenge, requiring the combination of low temperature, nonaggressive, and high resolution methods. Here a scalable process flow on plastic is presented tbat enables the fabrication of flexible nano­imprinted organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) with self-aligned contacts and solution-processed semiconductor and dielectric layers, at processing temperatures ?150 °C. OFETs are fabricated with device cutoff frequencies f > 1 MHz at low operating bias VDS = ?15 V. The technique allows the patterning of metal structures over four orders of magnitude from 375 nm to 1 mm without the need for a rigid carrier, and provides a fabrication pathway to high performance nanostructured organic circuitry.