Synthesis of Graphene-layer Nanosheet Coatings by PECVD

Publikation aus Materials

R. Kaindl, G. Jakopic, R. Resel, J. Pichler, A. Fian, E. Fisslthaler, W. Grogger, B. C. Bayer, R. Fischer, W. Waldhauser

Materials Today, 2015, 8, 4247-4255 , 11/2015


Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a potentially industrially scalable route for graphene synthesis. Thin carbon coatings were deposited by PECVD from C2H2 and post-deposition irradiated by Ar+. Irradiation with 400 eV accelerated Ar+, deposition temperatures of 400 °C and post deposition annealing up to 800 °C result in crystal growth and graphitization, i.e. increased fraction of C-C sp2 bonding. The same effect is achieved by deposition on copper and nickel foils, and interestingly on NaCl. For irradiated samples a two-layer graphene-layer nanosheet morphology is indicated from our characterization, with a variation of film properties across the film thickness.

Keywords: graphene; graphite; physical vapor deposition; plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition