gendERC – Gendered Dimensions in ERC Grant Selection - ERC-Support-2013-1(610706)

Publikation aus Policies
Technologie, Innovation und Politikberatung

Peter van den Besselaar (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam), Helene Schiffbänker

, 8/2016


The goal of this research was to identify possible gender-specific influences on the assessment of the ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant. This was done by analyzing the official documents related to the formal criteria, the application of these formal criteria during the peer review process, whereby particular attention was paid to the potential gender-specific application of the concept of scientific excellence. The composition of panels was also analyzed using the practices described here. Based on empirical evidence collected, recommendations for implementation in the ERC funding practices were developed and discussed with ERC. The POLICIES team led the consortium with VU Amsterdam and Tecnalia.