WP71 2012/11 "Attracting Academic Talent: Brain Competition Policy in Vienna and Munich"

Publikation aus Policies

S. Meyer, C. Reiner

, 11/2012


Human capital is the main source of regional economic growth in knowledge economies. Hence, international mobility of human capital in general and of academic talent (students and university researchers) in particular has received increasing attention from economic research and policy makers. This paper presents a framework for urban policies denoted as brain competition policy which aims to attract international academic talent. Policy actions and developments in Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany) are identified, described and systematically compared. Empirical data which allow us to evaluate these policies to a certain extent are presented. Vienna has an already quite comprehensive brain competition policy and has successfully attracted international students and professors, whereas Munich has less so developed in this direction. However, in both cities urban policies to attract academic talent can be further developed in a way that recognises the importance of a comprehensive and strategic approach.

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