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Task-dependent Structural Modifications on Reconfigurable General Serial Manipulators

Publikation aus Robotics

DI Dr. Mathias Brandstötter, Paolo Gallina, Stefano Seriani, Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Michael Hofbaur

Aspragathos N., Koustoumpardis P., Moulianitis V. (eds) Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics. RAAD 2018. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol 67. Springer, Cham , 9/2018


The monolithic design of serial robot arms has become widely accepted in industrial applications. One might note that these manipulators are designed in such a way that they can implement as many applications as possible at the same time and therefore do usually not have an application-specific structure. In this article we describe the construction and modeling of a kinematic chain in which a mechanical modification is possible. As a result, the structure of a task can be adapted in a wide range. For this purpose, the links of the kinematic chain are modified in such a way that the robot structure matches the desired Denavit-Hartenberg parameter set. This means also that optimizations with different kinematic goals can be realized.