Security for the Robot Operating System

Publikation aus Robotics

Bernhard Dieber , Benjamin Breiling, Sebastian Taurer , Severin Kacianka, Stefan Rass, Peter Schartner

Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol. 98, pp. 192-203 , 12/2017


Future robotic systems will be situated in highly networked environments where they communicate with industrial control systems, cloud services or other systems at remote locations. In this trend of strong digitization of industrial systems (also sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0), cyber attacks are an increasing threat to the integrity of the robotic systems at the core of this new development. It is expected, that the Robot Operating System (ROS) will play an important role in robotics outside of pure research-oriented scenarios. ROS however has significant security issues which need to be addressed before such products should reach mass markets. In this paper we present the most common vulnerabilities of ROS, attack vectors to exploit those and several approaches to secure ROS and similar systems. We show how to secure ROS on an application level and describe a solution which is integrated directly into the ROS core. Our proposed solution has been implemented and tested with recent versions of ROS, and adds security to all communication channels without being invasive to the system kernel itself.


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Keywords: Robotics, ROS, Industry 4.0, Security