Task-dependent Structural Modifications on Reconfigurable General Serial Manipulators

Publikation aus Robotics

Mathias Brandstötter, Paolo Gallina, Stefano Seriani, Michael Hofbaur

Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics. RAAD 2018. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol. 67, Springer International Publishing, pp. 316-324 , 9/2018


The monolithic design of serial robot arms has become widely accepted in industrial applications. One might note that these manipulators are designed in such a way that they can implement as many applications as possible at the same time and therefore do usually not have an application-specific structure. In this article we describe the construction and modeling of a kinematic chain in which a mechanical modification is possible. As a result, the structure of a task can be adapted in a wide range. For this purpose, the links of the kinematic chain are modified in such a way that the robot structure matches the desired Denavit-Hartenberg parameter set. This means also that optimizations with different kinematic goals can be realized.


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Keywords: adaptable robot, serial chain, recongurable structure, customizable behavior