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IRONER project - potentials for innovative and sustainable steel recycling

The aim of the "IRONER" project, which started at the beginning of January 2022, is to identify open questions on the topic of steel recycling and to develop the necessary innovations for the increased use of steel scrap over the next eight months.

Nahaufnahme eines Krans beim Ergreifen von Metall.

In addition to a material flow analysis with regard to scrap availability, stakeholder interviews and ecological and economic considerations, the influences of increased steel recycling on metallurgical processes and material properties of steel products will be examined.

The findings of this work will be presented in a position paper at the end of the project.


Starting with the project coordinator, the consortium is composed as follows:


The IRONER project is financed within the framework of the RTI initiative Circular Economy of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and is handled by the FFG.


DI Martin Beermann
Deputy Head of Research Group
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