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Hybrid Electronics and Patterning

We develop flexible micro- and nanostructured materials with integrated components for the application fields of organic electronics and microfluidics, printed physical and biological sensors, large-area optoelectronics and biomimetic functional films. Our core competences include functional surfaces, piezoelectric sensors, organic electronics, microfluidics and lab-on-a-foil.

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Health, Materials
Autor*innen: TOREN, Pelin; RUMPLER, Markus; SMOLKA, Martin; HAASE, Anja; RUTTLOFF, Stephan; NEES, Dieter; STADLOBER, Barbara; KATZMAYR, Ingo; HIERSCHLAGER, Bettina; KIERSTEIN, Sonja; SONNLEITNER, Max; BARED, Guido; HORN, Martin; WEIGEL, Wilfried; HESSE, Jan


Mag.<sup>a</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Barbara Stadlober
research group leader
DI<sup>in</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Anja Haase
dep. research group leader

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Institute for Sensors, Photonics and Manufacturing Technologies

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a Dr. Barbara Stadlober
research group leader
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