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VidiCert - efficient quality assessment for video and film

Ensuring quality is an essential part of moving image and video production, post-production, delivery and archive operations as well as migration. Quality assessment of audiovisual content is an extremely time- and therefore cost intensive part of the work.
Together with the movie industry, the largest European broadcasters and service providers an innovative tool for efficient quality assessment has been developed.

two step approach

The  VidiCert software enables significant automation of visual quality assessment in a two-step approach. In the first step video or movie content is fully automatically analysed in regard to certain visual impairments, e.g. image noise, strong video distortions, black frame sections or blurriness.
The gathered information is presented to the user for efficient verification in the second step. The result is a human verified quality report described in the standardised MPEG-7 Format.

Please find an introduction to VidiCert in the VidiCert Brochure and more details on its features on the VidiCert Data Sheet.

Potential application areas for content based quality assessment of video and movies are:

  • Quality assurance of video and movie production
  • Incoming/outgoing quality assessment in video and movie post-production
  • Estimation of the restoration effort for specific content
  • Quality assurance before broadcast
  • Efficient quality assurance for archive digitisation and migration to file based environments
  • Selection of and search for content with specific quality properties
  • Real-time quality assessment of security and safety video
  • Quality assurance for online video streaming services

The VidiCert system is available as part of the video QC solutions AV-Inspector and CubeWorkflow.

The Audiovisual Media research group offers robust and customer specific quality assessment solutions. We support the entire development cycle, starting from researching new quality detection algorithms and intuitive user interaction techniques up to the development of software prototypes and products for content based quality assessment. Let us know your quality assessment requirements, see right pane for contact details, please.